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Private Charter Itinerary

Wakatobi Exclusive Private Air Service Itinerary

The last leg of your journey to Wakatobi will be a VIP flight on a private chartered plane to the resort's own airport. The flight takes approximately two and a half hours. On board you will be served a snack and drinks by our flight attendants while you enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lombok's Rinjani volcano and the offshore reefs and atolls en route to Wakatobi.

To get a glimpse of what this VIP journey is like, watch the HD Video below.

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Journey to Wakatobi Video
An HD video showing the details of Wakatobi's private charter flight from Bali to Wakatobi Resort

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VIP Journey Details

Arrival into Denpasar, Bali

Relaxing with friends in the airport lounge while enjoying a complimentary breakfast before departure. A meal and beverages is also served on board.
On your way to Wakatobi Dive resort you will first fly to our gateway hub - the beautiful 'island of the gods' - Bali . When you arrive in Bali after your international flight we will have staff on hand as soon as you step out onto the tarmac. They will guide you through immigration and customs and help you find your check in luggage.

Once you reach your hotel please telephone our Wakatobi HQ office Tel: 759 669 from your local hotel phone or +62 361 759 669 from your own mobile (cell phone) or, after business hours, call our mobile number either 081 2381 1084 (locally), or +62 81 23 81 1084 from your mobile. Please confirm your hotel, telephone and room number so that if we need to convey a message we know where to find you. After a comfortable night in one of Bali's great hotels you will, on Day 1, get to enjoy a scenic flight over volcanic lakes, shimmering atolls and coral-filled waters to our resort.

The Flight Schedule

Wakatobi Charter flights (For all Resort Trips and the Pelagian Itineraries commencing or concluding in Wakatobi).

The logistics involved in moving our guests are fairly complex, and depend on many factors. Our experienced team is committed to making the transit as effortless as possible for you. Here are some details that you may enjoy knowing.

Our gracious flight attendants will serve you a cool towel, a light meal and drinks on board.

CHECK IN on the first day of your package:

To fly from Bali to Wakatobi, you will be required to check-in at the domestic departure terminal of the Airport in Bali at 06:45h.

Your check-in times will be confirmed with you by email in advance of your trip by the staff in our Bali Office.

Again, it would be very helpful if you could call our office upon arrival in your hotel in Bali to confirm the details. (Bali Logistics Office 759 669 or Crispin 081 2381 1084)

Our staff will meet you outside the terminal with entry passes, and staff inside the terminal will assist you through check-in and escort you to the VIP lounge while you wait to board the flight. Snacks and refreshments are available with our compliments.

The Flight to Wakatobi

Please ensure to be on time. Wakatobi provides a special Wakatobi-guest-only check-in service for our chartered flight to the resort. Our staff will be at the airport in the morning to assist you with your luggage and ensure that everything runs smoothly. You do not need to carry a ticket or boarding pass - your name will do. If you have paid your Resort Package, you will be welcomed!

After an effortless check-in, you will proceed to the upstairs executive airport lounge where you can enjoy freshly brewed coffee, tea and pastries while getting to know your fellow travellers and get any queries answered by our staff. Once your luggage has been taken onboard the airplane it will be your turn to embark. Before you know it you'll be seated in the very comfortable charter airplane on your way to Wakatobi. After take-off the airplane will rise towards cruising altitude while letting you enjoy the spectacular aerial views of Bali and the neighbouring Lombok Island.

Heading North-East towards the Wakatobi Dive Resort's own (1 mi) 1.6 km airfield, you will be served a meal and beverages en route. As it's a comparatively large plane (with seating capacity for more than the number of passengers on board) you can comfortably walk around during the flight and practice your mid-flight photography skills. As you get closer to Wakatobi, more and more small coral atolls become visible below. Soon the plane will land in 'Diver's Heaven' - Wakatobi.

The beautiful on-route scenery

Arrival @ Wakatobi

As the plane softly touches ground in Wakatobi on our neighbouring island of Tomia our resort staff will be on hand to assist with all your bags and equipment while you can take in the first sights of the tropical island and it's people. From the airfield there's a 10 minute mini bus ride to the harbour from where our dive boats will take you to the resort (approx. a 15 min. boat ride). You'll be in the resort in time for a welcome drink and a general familiarisation tour.

Return to Bali

Too soon the time will come to leave us and for you to make your way home and after a soothing, exciting and fun holiday at Wakatobi our transfer boats (and vans) will take you our Tomia airstrip (you will be offered breakfast or brunch in the resort before departure).

The airplane having just brought in the group who will stay with us on the trip after yours will take you back to Bali leaving you ample time to catch a connecting flight home that evening - or why not stay on in Bali a little longer? We can direct you to a reliable agent to arrange accommodations, tours, spa-visits and much more...

Arrival back in Bali will be in advance of 16:00 (4pm).

We kindly request that any international connections leaving Indonesia the same day are not booked any earlier than 17:30h (5.30pm).

The Garuda Indonesia ATR 72, pictured here on our apron, as we unload the resort supplies.
Please note: all timings are subject to change.

It could be that the plane routing on the day of your departure from Wakatobi will allow an earlier flight, but this cannot be guaranteed.

Flights after 17:30h allow for an easy connection, no matter what route is flown.

Wakatobi can take no responsibility for any missed connections booked in advance of 17:30h.

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Notice All guests are required to carry a valid and comprehensive travel insurance including -but not limited to - health and personal injury, delays and / or loss of property. If, for example, the air charter from Wakatobi back to Bali is, against all odds, delayed and passengers miss their connecting domestic or international flight, Wakatobi Dive Resorts nor any of its staff may be held liable. This itinerary and service description is subject to change without prior notification.