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Plan Bali Stopover Consider Fixed Flight Dates Choose  Length of Stay Use Concierge Service
min. 1 night on way in Connect directly outbound
Other dates less convenient Build  trip around Schedule

Min 3 nights, avg stay 10 nights
Combine 3, 4, 7 or 10-night intervals

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aircharter E

*The subsidized price of USD 675 is our base price for the round trip charter flights. Depending on seat availability / demand, this price may fluctuate by up to 20% in either direction. Please ask what rate will apply for your preferred dates of your travel.

This price is only applicable to guests staying at Wakatobi Dive Resort or on Pelagian Dive Yacht for a minimum of 5 nights for remaining 2014 bookings and 3 nights for 2015 and thereafter.

Flight Reservations for guests who elect to stay for a shorter period, or for passengers who are not our guests may be accepted depending on availability. In such circumstances the round trip charter flight will be charged at USD 1,135.

-> For flight price matrix click here!