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Private Dive Guide Service

Wakatobi offers "Private Dive Services" for the discerning diver

Our Private Dive Guide program represents the ultimate in personalized resort diving: a Private Dive Experience Manager, whose focus is to fulfill your innermost wishes and tailor an exclusive, personalised diving experience to fit your individual needs.

Upon arrival at Wakatobi Dive Resort you'll sit down on a one-to-one basis with your very own Dive Guide who'll inquire about your needs, wishes and desires. He or she will then customize your week accordingly. Whether it's critter spotting assistance, buoyancy advise or help with UW photos that you need our Dive Guides are there for you.

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Experience Fluo-Diving!

New and exclusive to Wakatobi. Be one of the first to discover something no-one else has ever seen! Witness extraordinary behaviour, brand new science and mind-blowing phenomena the worlds leading Research Scientists are still striving to understand! Experience the magic of underwater fluorescence - "the inconceivable ability of marine animals to change one colour, into another"!

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A VIP personal experience

The Wakatobi fluo-diving experience is a part of our VIP personal services package

What it includes:

  • The experience begins with a presentation about fluorescence (what it means, what is happening, how we see this etc).
  • You will see a film and/or media show explaining more.
  • This is followed by a thorough briefing about the unique dive you are about to do, the equipment and how and what you may discover.
  • Then, using your own personal near-UV underwater lights and special visor and filters, you will be taken on a private guided (60 min) dive.

Fluo-diving is for experienced divers with perfect buoyancy and ample night diving experience only. It is beautiful, stunning, the reef is just glowing... but since vision is more limited than on a normal night dive, to ensure we protect our pristine coral reefs, management reserves the right to refuse or insist on further experience, for fluo-diving

We have limited gear and limited availability for this experience. There will not be numerous people in the water at once. This will be a private, VIP experience - (First come, first served) - 1:1 or 1:2 ratio maximum. Pre-booking for this experience is required to guarantee a spot during your Wakatobi holiday.

Want to experience Fluo-diving?

Click Here for more complete information on Fluo-Diving. Then...
book a trip to Wakatobi now to see for yourself this amazing new aspect to diving!.

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