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VIP Services!

While every holiday at Wakatobi Dive Resort is special we offer a couple of services that take things to another level altogether.

Our "Bali Concierge Services" and "Private Diving Services" upgrades allow our guests an even higher level of individual attention and sophistication.

Bali Concierge Services upgrade: incredible value

Bali is a wonderful island with spectacular geographical diversity and delightful cultural attractions. Private guides and drivers are available to transport you to towering volcanoes, emerald green rice paddies, Hindu temples, dazzling beaches or a cultural dance performance - to name just a few. Bali also offers incredible values in art, furniture, silver jewelry, accessories, and tropical fashions! Did you know that Bali also offers high-quality yet inexpensive health care? After a long day of touring or sho pping, you can rejuvenate your body and mind with a luxurious spa treatment before departing for an evening of 5-star dining. After visiting Bali's chic night clubs, return to a room at a large international hotel, a private boutique villa or a bungalow overlooking a rice paddy. Bali offers resources and accommodations to match your taste and budget!

Upgrade to our Bali VIP services and our knowledgeable Wakatobi concierges will take care of every detail of your visit. Everything from helping you plan your trip to meeting you at the airport (and arranging for and dropping you off at the VIP airport lounge at the end of your trip), coordinating your transfers (limo van) and tours to helping you source that little one thing you forgot at home.

Our friendly team will learn about your preferences ahead of time and adjust your trip accordingly. With a VIP upgrade, we provide hand-picked drivers and provide complementary cell phone service so you can contact your concierge at any time throughout your stay for spur-of-the-moment guidance or advice. This service doesn't end on Bali - it extends through your stay at Wakatobi Resort - and back again at the end of your trip.

Learn more about our Bali VIP program


Wakatobi offers "Private Diving Services" for the discerning diver

Imagine arriving at Wakatobi, having your own private consultation with a diving specialist during a private lunch and meeting your own private dive guide. Perhaps you share your marine life encounter "wish list" with the dive specialist. Because you wanted to travel light, you might visit the dive equipment room to chose rental equipment to fit your needs. During the week, you and your private dive guide make plans to return to your favorite dive site to capture some images of exotic marine life. Sound like a dream? Now you can experience it when you opt for our Private Dive Guide package. It's just one more way we demonstrate our commitment to helping you design your own dream dive holiday.

Learn More about Private Dive Guides

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Experience Fluo-diving as one of our VIP private diving services. To learn more about Fluo-diving, Click HERE!


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