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VIP Services!

While every holiday at Wakatobi Dive Resort is special we offer a couple of services that take things to another level altogether.

Our "Bali Concierge Service" allows our guests an even higher level of individual attention and sophistication.

Bali Concierge Services upgrade: incredible value

We invite you to treat yourself to an even higher level of attention and sophistication with a VIP Services Upgrade. To begin, Wakatobi’s friendly team will learn about your preferences in advance and adjust your trip accordingly. From that point on we’re there to assist with every detail - from initial plans to meeting you at the airport (and arranging for and dropping you off at the VIP lounge at the end of your trip); even coordinating transfers and tours or helping you source that little one thing you forgot at home.


Bali is a wonderful island with spectacular geographical diversity and delightful cultural attractions. Private guides and drivers are available to transport you to towering volcanoes, emerald green rice paddies, Hindu temples, dazzling beaches or a cultural dance performance - to name just a few. Bali also offers incredible values in art, furniture, silver jewelry, accessories, and tropical fashions!

After a long day of touring or shopping, you can rejuvenate your body and mind with a luxurious spa treatment before departing for an evening of 5-star dining. After visiting Bali’s chic night clubs, return to a room at a large international hotel, a private boutique villa or a bungalow overlooking a rice paddy. Bali offers resources and accommodations to match your taste and budget, just ask.

From complementary cell phone service for contacting your concierge during your stay to spur-of-the-moment guidance or advice, we cover it all.


The Bali VIP Services program is USD 550 per person / couple and includes:

  • Expert Advice In Advance Of Your Trip

After learning your interests and preferences, Wakatobi’s dedicated travel specialists will advise you on what to do and see in Bali.

  • Service Upon Arrival

A Wakatobi representative will meet you at the airport, provide you an express immigration process, assist with luggage and escort you to your private car with driver where you receive a cool drink, a flower garland and your cell phone.

  • Complimentary Cell Phone

Your phone is preprogrammed with concierge contact and numbers relevant to your needs. You’ll receive your Indonesian phone number in advance so you can share it with friends and family before departing.

  • Local Currency In Small And Big Notes

The cash helps you through your first day in Bali and avoids your receiving a less favorable exchange rate at the airport; the need to use your credit card upon arrival is also eliminated.

  • Airport Transfers Within One Hour From The Airport

A knowledgeable driver is provided for transfers or a complimentary, private one-day tour.

  • Vip Services Upon Departure

A Wakatobi representative will provide you an express immigration process, assist with luggage and escort you to our VIP lounge. Here you can partake in complimentary alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, light snacks, satellite TV and the use of six computers with wireless Internet connection.

" I can't stress enough how valuable the VIP service was to me. It was great having someone right there when I arrived to take care of all of the little necessities. The fact that you had some local currency for me was an added bonus. The cell phone provided a level of comfort for me, knowing I could contact you if needed. It came in handy several times. I would highly recommend the VIP service to anyone traveling to Wakatobi, especially if they are staying over in Bali. Mary, Art and Sara all said they wished they had signed up for the VIP service from the beginning.

The one thing I appreciated above all others, was the help and patience in putting together all of the things I wanted to go. I don't know how I would have ever done it all on my own. You were always so polite even when I asked to rearrange tours. I felt if I needed anything you were always there to help me out and answer my questions.

Sharon Williams, June 2011



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Private Dive Guide

Imagine arriving at Wakatobi, having your own private consultation with a diving specialist during a private lunch and meeting your own private dive guide. To learn more about our Private Dive Guide services, Click HERE!


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