Welcome! Thank you for visiting us as you reflect on a Wakatobi holiday. Our award-winning luxury eco dive resort in Southeast Sulawesi, Indonesia is where you can enjoy a level of service, remoteness and tranquility rarely found anywhere else on the planet. Home of the world's most pristine reefs, Wakatobi offers what many claim to be the "best diving in the world." As you peruse our site you'll understand why Wakatobi is without equal in noble hospitality and experiences that build new traditions and memories that last a lifetime.

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What Guests say about Wakatobi:

"Everything was wonderful and very well thought out. Everyone working at the resort was happy and courteous, it made our experiences much better than most. I would recommend this resort to my fellow divers. Best dive guide we have ever had, he was informative, helpful and knowledgeable. Seriously, paradise found! "

Susan Napier
September 2014

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People in the "Know" Endorse Wakatobi
Most Pristine Reefs
People who dive all over the world say the reefs at Wakatobi are among the world's most diverse and pristine.
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Enjoy our optional Premium Services

As we continue in our mission to help you create the dive holiday of your dreams, we've introduced a new level of "Privilege Services". "Best Friends in Town" and "Private Diving" allow guests more individualized attention and a higher level of luxury.

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Fine Accommodations

amenities1Although one of the world's most remote resorts, Wakatobi Dive Resort offers a whole new level of comfort and class not usually associated with a typical dive resort. Our villas and bungalows are spacious, tastefully decorated and offer all of the amenities you would expect in any fine resort.

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The Wakatobi Villas

amenities2For couples seeking the best. Perched on a rocky ledge with superb views over the ocean and sunset our Villas are located on the northern end of the resort beach and offer class and style as well as more privacy and comfort.

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Gourmet Dining

amenities3Our team of chefs are highly trained and have years of experience creating culinary delights for discerning diners. Our food is an international blend of Western and Asian favorites with specialities from around the world added for a wide variety of flavors.

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Resort Spa Services

amenities4Wakatobi has a spa offering a variety of treatments to make your stay even more enjoyable. Start your day with some gentle pampering or, after a long day of diving, get a deep tissue message to relax those strained muscles.

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Family Vacations

amenities5We consider Wakatobi to be a family friendly dive resort. Though dive holidays can be tricky with non-diving children, your child of any age will be cared for and entertained here at Wakatobi so you can fully enjoy the dive vacation of a lifetime.

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Wakatobi Boutique

boutiqueWakatobi has a fully stocked "gift" shop at the resort. Here you will find a wide selection of T-shirts, polo shirts, shorts, casual clothing, silver jewellery, hats and other logo wear. We also have some diving accessories, local souvenirs.

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Private Charter to Resort

amenities6Getting to Wakatobi is easy, despite our remoteness. . . . We fly you the last leg of the journey on a chartered private plane to the resort's own airport! There's no hassle with domestic terminal check-ins, lines, crowds of people.

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Other Cool Stuff

Multimedia Gallery


Check out this awesome collection of high resolution videos and Flash slide shows. Here is where you will get a real feeling of what a diving holiday at Wakatobi will be like. These videos and slide shows are sure to entertain.

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Marinelife ID Guide


Enhance your diving experience by learning more about the marine life you will encounter while diving the Wakatobi reefs.

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Marinelife Articles

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Wakatobi Photo Galleries


Check out the Wakatobi still photos gallery that features more than 1400 photographs of reef vistas, marinelife, and top side scenery.


Fluo -Diving

fluo-divingA Brand New Science! Something so new, so mind-blowing - something so inspiring, that we think it will blow your senses away. Discover something so different and magical, that you will never see marine creatures the same way again.

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The Wakatobi Dive Yacht

pelagianLive-a-board Adventure
In addition to our land-based diving we also offer our Wakatobi Yacht - Pelagian. The yacht is based at Wakatobi and guests who choose the yacht as their diving base will fly in on the same air charter as the resort guests. Pelagian permits you to reside in complete luxury enjoying gourmet food, fine wine and superb service while enjoying a combination of pristine reefs, amazing topography and a few days of stunning muck diving. The variety of diving that you can experience during your time on our exclusive dive yacht is unsurpassed!

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World Class House Reef

housereefBlessed with a house reef where you can begin your snorkel and dive only a few steps from the dive center, Wakatobi is often described as a live aboard with a built-in beach! In addition to the spectacular house reef, there are several dozens of easily accessible dive sites offering incredible marine life diversity, color and natural splendor.

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Personal Dive Genie

personal dive guideWakatobi offers private dive guides for the ultimate personal experience. Imagine having your own "Dive Genie" who can assist you with every aspect of your dive time @ Wakatobi. It's just one more way we demonstrate our commitment to helping you design your own dream dive holiday.

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Technical Diving

technical divingWakatobi offers a full range of diving options include full nitrox support and both Semi Closed (SCR) & Closed Circuit Rebreather (CCR) packages for fully certified divers. Explore Wakatobi with complete freedom.

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In-Transit Activities

in-transitAt some point it will be time to return home and before your international connection, allow us to offer you some relaxing and entertaining options just moments from the airport. No need to spend your time waiting in an airport terminal. We arrange all of the logistics and shuttle service.

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Wakatobi Travel Affiliates

Wakatobi is a member of the Boutique Lodging Association.

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Wakatobi is also member of the Experimental Travel Market.

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High Def Videos

A Typical Day at Wakatobi

Take a moment and watch this new high definition video to get an idea of what a day in Wakatobi looks like.

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Take a Virtual Tour

Take a virtual tour of our Villas, four star restaurant, beach bungalows and more. You'll see why a diving Holiday at Wakatobi should be at the top of your travel destination list.

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The Wakatobi Journey

Watch this HD video that depicts the experience you will have traveling from Bali to Wakatobi aboard our chartered private plane. This VIP charter is for Wakatobi and Pelagian guests only.

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Bali ... Ultimate Stopover

Your embarkation point for a trip to Wakatobi or on the Pelagian Dive Yacht will be the enchanted island of Bali. There are few places in the world as unique and scenic as Bali. Experience Bali to its fullest by opting for our "Best Friends in Town" privilege services.

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