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Wakatobi Sponsorship Program

As part of our extensive ongoing sponsorships of the communities surrounding Wakatobi resort founder Lorenz Maeder on Saturday 7th July went to Usuku (a neighboring village) to meet children of poor families (partially orphans) and their remaining parents.

Many of the 51 children (of different schooling levels) are part of the local traditional fishing community.

After a speech from the school headmaster to thank us for sponsoring the school uniforms, books and stationary, the island chief emphasized the importance of education in general and conservation in Wakatobi.

Lorenz then greeted all, especially the children and had an interactive session, where the children could ask questions and tell about their dream jobs.

Afterwards one by one they received their gifts and then we sponsored cakes and drinks.

To conclude the event photos were taken outdoor. See below.

Sponsorship cost was in the thousands of USD yet only a small fraction of the substantial yearly contributions made voluntarily by Wakatobi Dive Resort.

All guests coming to visit our facilities (Wakatobi and Pelagaian) actively contribute towards these efforts.

Thank you!

school donation by wakatobi

school donation by wakatobi

school donation by wakatobi

On June 10th 2007 Wakatobi Dive Resort sponsored an island cleanup on Pulau Sawa - an uninhibited 'sunset island' adjacent to the resort.

About 160 school children and their teachers helped clean the island from plastics for half a day.
[Unfortunately we have no pictures of that event]

All costs for for the event and consequent party (for the children) was born by Wakatobi Dive Resort.

school donation by wakatobi

school donation by wakatobi

school donation by wakatobi