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Bob & Maureen
Bob and Maureen
Bob Hudak

Bob Hudak of New Jersey, USA is Managing Director of a large investment bank. His wife Maureen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist operating her own private practice.

They chose Wakatobi Resort to celebrate their 35th wedding anniversary and 60th birthdays.

Bob selected Wakatobi’s Photo Program to enhance his personal experience and significantly improve the quality of his photographic work.



“Wakatobi’s Photo Program is an extremely effective way to improve your underwater photography skills, both in the water and out, through photoshop enhancements. I worked with a personal teacher and guide, Vince, who offered a wealth of knowledge, on-going coaching during photo shoots and finding the perfect locations for subjects I had hoped to see. 

The delightful dives were followed by equally enjoyable sessions with Vince critiquing my photos and creatively exploring the potential expression from each shot.  I marveled at the “learned eye” he was able to provide on good and bad shots. 

The photo enhancement sessions were then expertly supplemented by Guy, Wakatobi’s resident world-renowned underwater filmmaker and inspiration behind the program. With his professional editing experience (his videos were on National Geographic) he was able to confer his know how and cut through the complexity, right into the essence of the tools needed for underwater photos. Throughout this process I felt I had friendly, enthusiastic mentors taking me to the next level of underwater photography. The proof of the program was my wife Maureen viewing my photographs and recognizing the very significant differences based on my experience.

I unequivocally recommend Wakatobi’s Photo Program and services as a complete, professional and exceptional learning experience. It was a real treat to leave the resort with enhanced memories of my diving and photo experience and perfect marquee shots for my coffee table book!”


Lion before


Lion after sm

Bob's Lionfisch befor sm Bob's Lionfisch after sm