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Tom Reynolds
Tome Reynolds with his camera
Tom Reynolds
Consultant to USCLab www.usclab.usc.edu
Program Manager for the Rainbow Sensor Program
Co-inventor of the rainbow sensor.
Diving since 2001 with 600+ dives
Special Interest: Underwater Photography

Coral Reefs need top quality water quality management. Poor water quality ultimately leads to dead reefs. Unfortunately, the budgets for water quality in large urban areas such as Los Angeles are out of the question for most parts of the world. Together with Dr. Burt Jones http://usclab.usc.edu/people.html, USC Biology Dept, Tom developed the "rainbow sensor" that inexpensively measures organic components of seawater. With this technology, it is now possible for small organizations to fund and manage local water quality measurements. The Bonaire National Marine Park, working with the Sea Monitor Foundation, funds and maintains the Light and Motion Sensor Program on Bonaire ( www.nova.edu/ncri/11icrs/abstract_files/. Wakatobi Dive Resort funds and maintains the first rainbow sensor program managed solely by a dive resort.

Tom and Ginnie dive all over the world and are yearly visitors to Wakatobi. They are active photographers www.tomandginnie.com. He is a frequent poster on www.digitaldiver.net and www.wetpixel.com. Tom posts under the screen name TomR1.

Tom, together with Dr. Burt Jones, of USC Biology Department developed the "rainbow sensor" that inexpensively measures organic components of seawater. With this technology, it is now possible for small organizations to fund and manage local water quality measurements.

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Take a look at some of Tom's photos from a 2008 trip to Wakatobi


Tom and Ginnier Reynolds

Dear Lorenz,

Every time I return to Wakatobi, I find the reefs healthier and more vibrant, the resort more developed and the staff more attentive to my needs.

Wakatobi has the best combination of resort and reef that I have experienced. As a land based resort the food, accommodations and service are better than anything I have experienced while the reefs rival anything I have seen on a live-aboard.

At Wakatobi, there is simply no bad dive. All the sites are healthy, vibrant and interesting. And they are exclusive. Nobody but Wakatobi dives these great sites.

Three eighty minute dives are scheduled every day and rarely, even during an eleven day stay, is a site revisited. For those desiring more, Wakatobi provides skiffs that will deposit you on the gorgeous house reef from 6AM onward. Basically, Wakatobi provides the quality, ease of access, and dives per day equivalent to the best live-aboard and better than most.

However the difference for me is on land. An incredibly large staff, simply impossible on a live-aboard, means the facilities are more comfortable, the food more varied and the service more all-inclusive than what is available on a live-aboard. For example, as a photographer I appreciate the large camera room where I can spread out my massive amount of gear and setup for the next dive without being cramped. In another case, the dive instructor noticed a small leak in my pressure gage. The well equipped dive shop supplied a replacement without difficulty. And, when I needed a couple of extra pillows they showed up in no time.

These days, great diving is in the middle of nowhere. That's the reality of human pollution and over fishing. However, unlike most destinations that require complicated travel arrangements ( or days motoring on sea), Wakatobi has made it easy. The international air hub, Bali, is a friendly, safe location. Wakatobi expertly handles all arrangements to get you on the private plane to Wakatobi. You are now in the middle of one of the best places to dive in the entire world.

In short, I return to Wakatobi simply because I get the best accommodations, dive the best reefs and, of course, get my best pictures there. The life is so varied that every time I return to a site I find a new and interesting subject to photograph. I dive about forty days a year all, over the world, always with a camera in my hand. More than half my best pictures are from my time at Wakatobi.


Tom Reynolds

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