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Robin and Ingrid
Robin and Ingrid
Robin and Ingrid Smith

Robin and Ingrid visited Wakatobi in March of 2011.


Wakatobi Dive Resort is a destination that is best described as a dream : The two of us had very different expectations for this trip. Ingrid was completing her open water course here at the resort and I was hoping for a chance at taking some good photos. We have both traveled to dozens of resorts and destinations around the world and Wakatobi ranks perhaps as the top resort we have ever had the pleasure of visiting.

The staff was incredible. I have never seen a more dedicated and delightful group of employees in my life. The accommodations were amazing and the food was truly unbelievable. Every day the menu changed and the quality and variety of dishes was surprising for a place that is so far off the beaten path. It felt like we had a personal chef along with us on the trip.

I have been on multiple hundreds of dives at sites all over the world and the diving experience here is second to none. The diversity of the marine habitats and the volume of life here is unreal. One other thing, the dives here are basically limited to the time of air in your tanks. Every dive was over an hour long and there was never a rush to get out of the water or end a dive. This is becoming more and more rare as resort operators around the world like to limit dive times to just 50 minutes per dive. With so much bottom time you can really get a good opportunity for fantastic shots. The only hard part was deciding to shoot wide angle or macro!

Ingrid completed here open water course here and once certified joined me on the boat. She had been very hesitant to dive and the thought of the training process made her a little nervous.

Ingrid's training here was one on one - her Private Instructor / Dive Experience Manager Vanessa was very patient and walked her through things very slowly. Once in the water together I was amazed at the level of skills her training had imparted. They really focus on buoyancy skills here and it shows. If anyone is looking for a perfect warm water destination to learn how to dive, we would both steer folks here.

We had opted for a Private Dive Experience Manager when diving together after Ingrid's completion of the open water course. We could hop on any boat and we received a very personalized experience. It was like having a personal guide underwater and the feeling of being the only people in the ocean was incredible.

We both cant' say enough to recommend Wakatobi Dive Resort. It's a wonderful place with an incredible staff in a dream location. I wouldn't change a thing and I have to say to the Management and Owners, thank you, for creating such a fantastic place where you are protecting one of the last truly wild places on Earth.

Best Regards,

Robin and Ingrid



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