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Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins
Lisa Collins
Westerham Road,
Kent BR2 6HE
United Kingdom

Lisa is a semi-professional underwater photographer who has been diving since 1998, and taking photographs since 2005. Starting as a way to show her non-diving husband and children, her passion for the underwater world led to a rapid development in her underwater photography. She has won many competitions, and is a regular contributor to dive magazines.


Having dived some of the most pristine and varied reefs in the world, I was amazed by the incredible diving offered at Wakatobi. The beauty of the island, the hotel and the ocean come together in a rarely offered five star experience. Your every whim is catered for. The diving is amazing - with many unusual marine life abundant. Most dives were very easy, with near crystal clear visibility and hardly any current. The Fluo-dive is a must for any diver - the most incredible sight you will see underwater, anywhere.

I opted for the VIP experience - a private dive guide for the whole duration of my trip. This made what would have been a special experience, exceptional. My dive guide, Miguel, surpassed any normal expectations of a private guide. A guide, a model, a pack-horse, a fountain of knowledge and with eagle eyes to spot the smallest critter, I could not have asked for more.

Travelling to Wakatobi by myself, I never once felt on my own. The staff are all extremely friendly, and do their utmost to make you feel comfortable and welcome. The food, on offer almost constantly, and the rooms were worthy of any five star hotel.

I urge you not to hesitate - book a trip to Wakatobi to experience the exceptional, in every way.

Best Regards,

Lisa Collins



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