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Don and Sheryl
Don Roesler and Sheryl Sietsema
Don Roesler & Sheryl Sietsema
3404 W 90th Street
Sioux Falls SD 57108

Don and Sheryl are certified registered Nurse Anesthetists practicing in South Dakota, USA. Both experienced divers starting in the Missouri river, Sheryl was a newcomer to the Wakatobi side of the world. What a spectacular eye-opener!


A spectacular setting for a proposal!

Our experience at Wakatobi was exceptional. We were very impressed with all aspects of the resort. All of the staff went above and beyond all our expectations. Every need was met. The F&B staff were a delight at every meal. The spa was also our regular hang-out after diving. Our villa was perfect and private. We had a view of the sunset to rival anywhere else in the world.

The diving was spectacular. We couldn't ask for more professional dive guides. They took great care of us and showed us many new animals that we had never seen before. We have a whole new appreciation for healthy coral reefs and how special they are. The house reef, diveable from shore, is one of the very best. We wish we could have stayed longer to do more diving.

Lizard Fish
Photo By Joe Liburdi
Hawksbill Turtle
Photo by Glen Wierbach
We participated in the fluo-diving. This was truly amazing. Nowhere else in the whole world can people dive like this. How fast one hour of diving can pass!! The colours were like none we have ever seen., Very exciting and very impressive!

And we got engaged underwater, with the help of Guy and Anita! I opened a treasure box underwater, which was buried in the sand and old coral pieces I didn't see the ring at first, because it was tied to a brightly coloured floating whistle, so was a bit confused.. but then saw the slate that Guy and Don had planned, which asked 'Will you marry me?" That is when I saw the ring! Of course I said yes! I put the ring on and wore it throughout, I was so surprised and pleased!

Video By Guy and Anita

So Wakatobi will be very special for us, always. We will definitely be back in the future. We couldn't possibly ask for a better experience.

Best regards,
Don and Sheryl



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